Our website package typically includes:

* Welcome, Contact, About, News etc , plus

* social networking (Twitter, Facebook, other links… we can begin to connect up your Twitter and other networks, for you to carry on) and

* photographs and introductory text (as provided by you) about your activities or what / whoever else.

Any additional pay-out real costs must be met by you, but generally there need not be any unless you have special requirements. (The free hosted website etc we use may include advertising chosen by the provider, usually relating to the subject of the website domain.)

Although this immediacy cannot be guaranteed, we will normally endeavour to deliver a functioning website within three or four days of our jointly agreeing this; a deposit is required.

You must ensure that any materials you provide (images, text, links etc) for possible incorporation into the website are out of copyright and / or otherwise legally usable. We cannot accept liability of any sort for the content or any other aspect of the website whilst in construction or at any point thereafter.

We will as part of the service provide basic email support for the first month as you get going, and one half-hour phone discussion in that time period, if you want to telephone by arrangement.

Where appropriate we will, unless you indicate otherwise, also sometimes add a link from our own website(s) to yours or vice versa, which may to mutual benefit increase traffic and exposure.

You will receive the passwords to your website and other supporting functions on payment of all monies due. You should thereafter change all passwords to ones which you alone will know.

Receipt by us of your full payment signifies you agree that, as during website construction, we accept no liability of any sort for the website or any other aspect of this package.

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>>> Want something more than a simple start-up website?

We can also provide more complex websites and / or on-going support if that is your preference. Details on request from Nick Prior Designs.